Throwback Marks a Pepsi Comeback

Posted on April 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Americans love soda.. So without shock I too love Soda.  As a consumer Soda hasn’t been on my mind to purchase for sometime, Coke had their commercials during the Super Bowl that were classic, but not ground breaking. And that brings us to today where Coke & Pepsi, two Soda kings are fighting to stay relevant in an increasingly health conscious market.  Pepsi responds to the health conscious soda consumer market by removing High Fructose Corn Starch, and launching a new brand called Pepsi Throwback that has their older ingredient regular sugar. So does this marketing gimmick stop there? I hope not, I hope they keep the older brand identity. In my opinion they should just make it their 1971-1986 Brand mark and remove the other branding, the older mark was just better.  And yes I am biased,  I could not stand the re-branding that Pepsi did in 2009, or their prior marks. As a consumer the marketing done in the 80s by Pepsi was more fun. One of my favorite commercials by them in the 1980s was one of Michael J. Fox’s, check it out:

Well for marketing and health reasons aside I applaud their throw-back branding because well quite frankly its five times better than the 2009 updated brand identity that they currently have.