Prometheus Alien Connection

Posted on March 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

The summer blockbuster Prometheus is set to be released in the next few weeks by Ridley Scott and they’re some things about the film that you may not realize.

If you know Ridley Scott’s films, you know he directed the first Alien that was released in 1979. I wasn’t even born at that point, but I did catch this film and its subsequent sequels over the years as re-runs and I have to say they were pretty inspiring. The films were dark and horrific, but a unique combination on both science fiction and horror. (Just a side note: I always thought the computer game Star-craft borrowed from the film and so this film definitely leaves an impact.) Regardless of that, you may not necessarily think “plot” when you think of the Alien films – I sure didn’t — mainly because the premise in each of the films can be simplified to Darwinian survival of the fittest logic, i.e., a “monster flick”.

Little did I know, Prometheus is actually a prequel to Alien and share the same time line as the series. The creators even have a made up global company named Weyland Industries and went so far as to produce a fake TED 2023 presentation. It is all pretty slick work. See the video for yourself. Reminds me of the “John Hammond” moment that happened when he discussed how DNA could be copied.

Movies like this amaze me because they are always pushing our imagination one or two steps ahead of where humanity is.  Films like: Gattaca, Jurassic Park, and pretty much any book or film by Michael Crichton are in my opinion great examples of this.

That is not why I got really intrigued by this film. If you are someone who appreciates the design of film titles, you may notice the film’s titles for the original Alien is very similar to one of the spots for the Prometheus teaser trailer. That’s how I discovered the ‘Prometheus Alien Connection’. Basically, the director did this for continuity with his previous work on the original Alien film.

Compare the Prometheus titles from this teaser trailer to the Alien‘s titles trailer:

Alien, 1979

And if you’re not sick of the Prometheus film titles yet…. Watch the international full version of the film titles here: