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Posted on June 20, 2014 in Blog — Share this via

The future is exciting when you can imagine something so out there and yet it actually starts to come to fruition. For me, I was stunned by the possibilities of augmented reality a few years back, when I discovered that it existed for the first time. I must have been living under a rock even back than because this technology has been around for a few more years. But it made me think back than right away that there was a way to create a commercial viability with QR codes + AR working together on business cards, and posters etc. That wasn’t all that interesting and albeit it was the cutting edge for than the simple argument was that QR Codes were boring, they took you to a website but what percentage of viewers would take the time to download the app to point the phone and go to the website. Too much time to get sent to a website you could read and write yourself, and the Point taken. Now flash forward you no longer need QR Codes. Like a, Da Vinci hidden message within a painting, the code doesn’t have to be code it could very well just be a captured pattern that can reference an existing advertising platform like Layar. It makes sense, you see something and an advertisement platform that has a database online on a server and it serves you up content for that picture that you see in real life. Very cool.

Take a few steps into the future with me and see what could happen with this.  Imagine a school uniform with a generic looking symbol or a pin that when seen by someone else ( with Google Glass technology & Something like Layar ) you will see a super hero walking in your place, a super hero that that person gots to choose to be their avatar in real life for their digital persona. Yeah we’re a long way away from this actually happening and looking half decent, but it could be quite cool if fashion in the real world becomes tied to fashion in the digital world which could overlap and mesh within the real world. Why stop there, imagine at tattoo on your arm that is in the real world a dragon on someone’s skin. Now, imagine it now digitally activated to come alive like in some harry potter type way and fly around you. Yes the future could be very cool indeed.

Google glass is in its infancy, current flaws, price restrictions, and laws/regulations will be made to limit it, but are we closer to the world Neil Stephenson crafted with Snow Crash where people mix the real world almost constantly with the digital? I can’t help but wonder.