Google Visitor Flow

Posted on April 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Check out Google’s new tool for website owners and interactive site managers, called Google Visitor Flow. Its a new improvement to Google Analytics, which is a free helpful online tool that allows webmasters to track and discover where their visitors are coming from and what their looking and how long their looking at it. I am a fan of this update because it simplifies the process of understanding your site’s traffic.  Google Visitor Flow basically allows you to see your site from a birds eye view at what people at looking at and from where they came from. None of this is new, Google Analytics did this before but in this new visual format it really puts you in the driver’s seat to quickly spotting your high drop off rate pages. And it helps you track the trends of people who come back a second or third time and what their looking at on those next passes. This is hugely important if you are in interactive publishing, and it is generally helpful information to any web master for any industry because it can help you to discover what your sites visitors are looking at and more importantly care to view more of.

Just reviewing my own personal site map I can see the blog has a high drop rate; and that doesn’t surprise me, as it is a random factoid section of the site and not a full blown news coverage type blog but it also allows me to see top posts, which gives me an ample understanding of what tastes my viewers like. And with this tool you can now compare the drop rate from one country versus another to see if the content is more interesting to one country or another.

Final thoughts:  A huge improvement to understanding your website’s visitor trends.