Dr Pepper Ten – Now with half the potential customers

Posted on May 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

One of my relatives told me about the Dr Pepper Ten ad and told me how sexist it was, I have to say that caught my attention. The line stuck with her, “it is not for ladies”. Now I was really intrigued, that takes some guts to tell half of the potential audience that its not for them. I was half hoping the ad was going to be stellar to back up such bold claims, but to be honest I was not surprised to see something reminiscent of GI-JOE meets Terra Nova. OK, so the ad’s art direction is ludicrous how about the messaging?  OK, when did 10 calories appeal to manly men? Did I completely miss something? Maybe this is trying to target young men, OK. Even so young men don’t get to buy their sodas generally their moms do, so that doesn’t seem to be quite right Mom’s clearly would be offended by the ad. But maybe moms don’t see the ad, maybe that is the strategy?  Or maybe this ad really is directed at divorced or single men, and that just seems depressing. Moving on… This ad makes me wonder more and more what devious method they thought this ad would work.

Regardless youtube says it all with over 3,300 dislikes and 1,900 likes.  And like the popular vote on youtube I am with my relative this ad is just stupid and offensive to half the potential consumer market. In my opinion you can make a product and an ad directed at men without alienating half of the potential audience. But.. to offer a different view on this ad my wife and business partner offers another way of thinking about this ad strategy: The strategy is to be purposefully ‘controversial’ and to try to play hard to get and really the ad is for women stuck in the movie theater next to their boyfriends or husbands. Now that is devious, maybe it was the logic they had after all, either way what do you think good or bad ad strategy? And is the ad sexist?

Oh dear and their already is a petition against this ad!