Divi 3.0 is the future for WordPress

Posted on September 9, 2016 in Uncategorized — Share this via

divi 3.0

I have to admit using DIVI feels a bit wrong because it’s so much easier to control the visual user interface design for small and mid-sized WordPress sites. Frankly, I love it, and in the near future, we’ll be revamping Elephantik.com to a DIVI 3.0 child theme that we’re building ourselves. That said I had the luck of working on the beta testing program for Divi 3.0 ( catching a few bugs 🙂 ) and I can say its totally going to be a positive step forward for smaller design firms like ours. It gives the designer way more control over what they are creating for responsive websites and it allows for some strong consistency with global elements something VC lacked for a long time.

Page editors are not anything new really for WordPress but, Divi 3.0 is a bit more than a page editor. It’s a better way to manage a secure parent theme, you get a product that is secure while leaving design studios to build a unique child theme experiences for their clients with the knowledge that their themes will always be maintained for security updates. It’s definitely a better way to manage sites. I’ve been using it on the past 3+ websites we’ve done, and it’s simply night and day experience from building custom sites that require periodically much more maintenance. That said the learning curve is there probably about a month or two before you fully grasp how to manipulate it but it was well worth learning on our end. There are always room for improvement within page editors like this, and they didn’t get to 3.0 overnight but, I do wish for some obvious features that seem to be missing. One of which is a UI friendly graphs builder, not just circle diagrams and line chart, but bars, pie-charts, and graphs.

Outside of that though its only competition has been Visual Composer and while you can do a lot more with VC, theirs no denying that this page editor front end editor experience is smoother and faster than anything else on the market.