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divi 3.0

Divi 3.0 is the future for WordPress

I have to admit using DIVI feels a bit wrong because it’s so much easier to control the visual user interface design for small and mid-sized WordPress sites. Frankly, I love it, and in the near future, we’ll be revamping to a DIVI 3.0 child theme that we’re building ourselves. That said I had […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Last Year I illustrated this poster original family crest and poster for the Maguire family.

“Air On the Side of Humanity” – Jet Blue Spot by Mullen

Just found this new advertisement by Jet Blue to be spot on. After my terrible experience flying American this summer, I can only imagine how many people have have felt similar experiences that this ad poked fun at and hit home with. I thought it was both comical, and funny for such an annoying subject. […]

An interview With Freddie Laker About Guide

We Recently Interviewed Freddie Laker, the CEO and founder of Guide to get a better understanding about their new product Guide @ First I want to say congrats to you and your team for launching such a unique application. I took some time to review your demo, and read just a bit about your […]

MDfilms 3-Dimensional Motion Identity

One of our favorite clients in the past, MDfilms, just released their latest 3d motion ident for their business. In the past we created their brand identity from scratch, and to see them activate and use this brand and make it come to life is just awesome for us. I hope you enjoy their new […]

Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercial 2013

As much as I wanted to enjoy this one with all of its hype leading up to it I really honestly could not watch the ad without leaving to go get a beer. Did you enjoy this one? Definitely memorable. Best Interactive Grid Plugin for Adobe PS6

If your in the interactive design community like me and you do this type of work for a living you probably painstakingly create grids using one of the many or 981 golden rule grid websites out there if your using Adobe Photoshop. Well, there is a much easier way than posting a layer image […]

Jameson International Film Festival

More Good work from Ireland. Blinder, recently submitted this Film Festival campaign on behalf of the agency Boys & Girls. Both of these are pretty well done, but I’ll say that Cabin was the better of the two if I were to pick. Great work. “Heist” “Cabin” Advertiser: Jameson Agency: Boys and Girls Title: “Heist” […]

No Nonsense Car Insurance from Publicis Ireland

  Decent attention grabbing spots for a car insurance company from Ireland. I guess my favorite of the bunch would be ‘ready made’, but even so for a car insurance company you sure show a lot of car/general destruction. Albeit that will probably get the point across to a mass audience… sadly. Advertised brand: No […]

BBC – Children in Need from Blinder Commercials The video from Youtube is difficult to link to. Sorry for the lack of an embedded video. Once again a truly well done spot. I particularly loved the musicality in this one as well! On the youtube page they shared the spot’s soundtrack which I immediately downloaded from itunes! Well done and for a […]

Neil Degrassi A Visionary

“How Much Would You Pay… For the Universe” – Neil Degrassi You just have to watch this video and his series. This guy’s seriously one of my heroes. His Second Episode:

Energie Fitness Clubs by Publicis, Dublin Ireland

A new user submitted campaign from Dublin Ireland came in today for Energie Fitness Clubs. Someone might like ‘The Rock’ over there! Besides that these two new spots are amusing and catchy, albeit pure entertainment.  I think they hit on an international universal theme as well, Golds gym over here ran an ad not similar […]

Clean Energy Highways… Solar Powered Smart Roads in 2025

Wouldn’t it be lovely to wake up one day, lets say in a major city or in an urban area in America, and just smell clean pollutant-free air? I always took breathing fresh air for granted when I was a kid growing up in the suburbs near a forest, but after college and after working […]

Welcome To Gingerville by

Hey folks happy holidays to you all! I thought I’d share what a local development and design studio shared with me last week. It’s a game called “Welcome to Gingerville”. It’s as simple and mindless and addicting as they come by. And of course as a gamer I had a bit too much fun with […]

Maguire Family Crest

The History Behind The Maguire Family Crest As a labor of love I always enjoyed all things historical. So it came natural to me that eventually I’d get around to finding out more about my family history. One thing that always caught my eye about my family history was the family crest. How cool it […]

Tsaritsyno Poster & Desktop Wallpaper

Years ago we visited Tsaritznyo after its reconstruction in Moscow, Russia. It’s an  amazing palace, and I wish I had my camera that day to take photographs of the magical snowy fortress / party house that Catherine the Great decided to have built. Feel free to download the wallpaper or the poster by Elephantik LLC. […]

Heineken Sunrise Belongs to Moderate Drinkers

Great new ad by Heineken. Straight and to the point. I also dig the tune. Well done. “See how to stay up ’til the break of dawn in style. Tweet your sunrise and celebrate with the world #mysunrise. The latest Enjoy Heineken Responsibly initiative “Sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers”. With an exclusive track ‘#mysunrise’ […]

Jellies in the sky Poster

After being inspired by the movies ‘Leviathan’ & ‘Sphere’, I just started messing around with the concept of placing Jelly Fish floating in the night sky. And then I discovered that some jelly fish not only glow in the dark, they give off some gorgeous purple and blue colors with their luminescence. So I created […]

Twitter Brand Update

Twitter launched their new brand guidelines and updated their bird icon, and their brand color. This will be a tiny review, mainly because their is not much to critique: In my opinion it’s sharper, it reduces it better and without the logotype its generally better looking.  It reminds me of the leap Nike took when […]

New Mayan Poster & Wall Paper

This Mayan poster was inspired by a comp that I was working on a few years ago for a budget film poster th.  I picked it up where I left off after starting to use a Cintiq 12x. Enjoy. Click to download full size images.. And the poster which if there is demand, I will […]

Elephantik Wall Paper

Created by Elephantik as part of an original poster series. View full size by clicking on the picture and download it as a desktop wallpaper. Enjoy!

Coke Zero Jimmy Kimmel

” She likes what’s in my pants, sir. It’s Coke Zero.”… Jimmy Kimmel & Guilermo you rock!

Dr Pepper Ten – Now with half the potential customers

One of my relatives told me about the Dr Pepper Ten ad and told me how sexist it was, I have to say that caught my attention. The line stuck with her, “it is not for ladies”. Now I was really intrigued, that takes some guts to tell half of the potential audience that its […]

Keep Walking

Just found this version of the Johnny Walker campaign creative clever. Keep Walking indeed.  On Facebook it looks like this in its square image format. It looked cooler on the news timeline, than it does here but just the same it is really eye catching in both formats.


This European advertisement was created for Schweppes Beverages back in 2008. And we love it. Enjoy.   Credits & Description: Product : Schweppes Agency : George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne Editor: Jack Hutchings @ The Butchery Executive Creative Director: Paul Catmur Creative Director: Ben Coulson Art Director: Ben Couzens Copywriter: Jim Ingram Agency Producer: Romanca Jasinski […]

Dire Straits – The 80s Ruled…

One of the first music videos I remember seeing when I was like 5 or 6 years old was this Dire Straits video. If you have seen it left me inspired, and I hope you enjoy it too. If your seeing it for the first time, the video came out around the same time the […]

A Tribute to Maurice Sendak,

Maurice Sendak passed away today, you might remember him from his book, that he illustrated and wrote, Where the Wild Things Are (WTWTA ). Since I never met the author, my only connection to him is through this piece, and I should preface this tribute by saying this is merely my way of saying thank […]

Brooklyn Nets New Logo

First off I am biased straight out I like the new look for the Brooklyn Nets. It’s cleaner, simpler, and maybe a little bit off the cuff. But I like that bare bones approach giving the team a new black and white brand identity. That’s the visual side of my opinion, now the reasons why […]

Spreadshirt Facebook Timeline CSS

So for the fast few weeks as facebook re-launched facebook timeline, I was planning to figure out how to incorporate our facebook fan page shop ( it couldn’t quite fit in our responsive site application because it was being resized, and it couldn’t fit quite right using the basic edits to the css I provided […]

Adobe CS6 Updates

Today I discovered this quick preview of the new Photoshop CS6 Content aware tool from PSDtuts. And I wanted to do some research to discover more about all of Adobe CS6 updates. First off if you have not seen the Photoshop update view the video below. This is a preview of the major update to […]

Throwback Marks a Pepsi Comeback

Americans love soda.. So without shock I too love Soda.  As a consumer Soda hasn’t been on my mind to purchase for sometime, Coke had their commercials during the Super Bowl that were classic, but not ground breaking. And that brings us to today where Coke & Pepsi, two Soda kings are fighting to stay […]

Google Visitor Flow

Check out Google’s new tool for website owners and interactive site managers, called Google Visitor Flow. Its a new improvement to Google Analytics, which is a free helpful online tool that allows webmasters to track and discover where their visitors are coming from and what their looking and how long their looking at it. I […]

Prometheus Alien Connection

The summer blockbuster Prometheus is set to be released in the next few weeks by Ridley Scott and they’re some things about the film that you may not realize. If you know Ridley Scott’s films, you know he directed the first Alien that was released in 1979. I wasn’t even born at that point, but I […]

Swedish House Mafia – Absolut Vodka

I am as confused as the rest of you are about the marketing strategy behind this Absolut Vodka commercial. It is part Mad Max, part European techno is that making a come back again? Well whatever the case it reminds me of Tron’s car racing scene and it is trying to be visually unique… so […]

Original Desktop Wallpapers by Elephantik

1. Spring Desktop Wallpaper By Ksenia 2. Beginning Desktop Wallpaper By Joseph 3. Another Desktop Wallpaper By Joseph Maguire 4. Another Desktop Wallpaper By Joseph Maguire

What is going on at ( Nerd Alert )

[message class=yellow-message ]Update.. it just hit And it is true Baldure Gate will get a major overhaul in hd format; and they hired back the original team. Bg1 and bg2 will be redone. Exciting! [/message]     Ohhhh I am very excited indeed. For those of you old school RPG fans out there is […]

Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition

Advertising Agency: Bleublancrouge, Montréal, Canada Creative Directors: Gaëtan Namouric, Jean-François LeBlanc, Sébastien Maheux Art Director: Jean-François LeBlanc, Martin Dupuis Copywriter: Sébastien Maheux, Andrew Lord Illustrator: Louis Hébert Animation: Fly Studio Sound Design: Sonart Music: John Williams Published: November 2011 Now this entire event hosts some seriously cool art as well, I’d love to showcase the […]

Sweet New Years Website

This is one of the best, interactive sites I have seen. I’ll have to test it on the iPhone to see if it is truly responsive but it appears to be.  It has a mixture of flash? or is that animated SVGs using some other technology in there? I’ll have to ask my developer, either […]

Great Random Graffiti from London

One of our relatives is over in London Pub-crawling and studying in that order and just snapped a few decent signage snap shots, and this fence shot is awesome. If you know whom the artist is drop me a line so I can cite the artist properly for the creative! Enjoy.

Sim City 5 Official Trailer

Really the inner geek in me is happy to hear the news that Sim City is coming back. The previous version Sim City 4 was fun albeit incredibly poorly ported to Mac computers.  But this looks way more fun.  

L-L’Odyssée de Cartier

L’Odyssée de Cartier Discover the new Cartier film, a journey between dream and reality. For the very first time, Cartier has decided to create a cinema epic focusing on its history, its values and inspiration, its artistic and universal scope. Directed by: Bruno Aveillan. More information on: Last night we watched Hugo, and as […]

A Great Artist who helped make Star Wars passed away…

If you are a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy you might want to visit the remembrance site for Ralph McQuarrie. For me Star Wars was a childhood inspiration, it put science fiction on the map as cool. Ralph’s Concept art really helped formulate the Star War’s aesthetic and if you check out his […]

Facebook Timeline Cover Template

Would you like to download a Photoshop Facebook Cover Template for your Fanpage’s new timeline page? I quickly created one as a freebie. If you share it please let people know where it came from:  

Light Vector Video by

Light Vector is a pretty sweet music inspired product video by our friends over at If you enjoy it check out all of their work, they do fantastic post production creative.