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EverTek – Case Film Everslim by Ogilvy

Smart little advertisement from the folks over at Ogilvy. Advertised brand: Evertek Product: Everslim Advert title: the slim & smart ad Advertising Agency: Memac Ogilvy Label, Tunis, Tunisia Creative Director : Alain Mhawej Art Director: Amin Khelil Copywriters : Mehdi AlMonastiri, Chamsseddine Abdelhafidh Strategic Planner : Sofiene El Kebir Business Director: Mouna Ben Hammouda Account […]

Blend.Me.In Most useful plugin for Adobe CC

Unless you have been living under a rock in the design community you probably already have heard of The most useful plugin I have installed for Adobe Photoshop CC 2014, and Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 is ‘BlendMe.In.’. If you haven’t heard of it basically it allows you to do a quick in program search […] + Google Glass

The future is exciting when you can imagine something so out there and yet it actually starts to come to fruition. For me, I was stunned by the possibilities of augmented reality a few years back, when I discovered that it existed for the first time. I must have been living under a rock even back than because […]

New Mock-up Resources

A few resources for PSD mock-ups that you may find helpful if your a designer or an illustrator or a marketeer. *** I have used this in the past and their is nothing wrong with saving time by finding great assets pre-built ). But it costs $10 a month and frankly, after a few months […]

How to say Hello, Again – Lincoln Cars

If you have not seen this car commercial by Lincoln, you have to check it out. The typography and the original typography hand crafted for this spot caught the eyes of both myself and my wife last evening. Probably the highlight was best this flat capture ( which I used as the starting point for youtube […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Last Year I illustrated this poster original family crest and poster for the Maguire family.

Photoshop Tip of the Day

So I needed to load up around 50 logo images and resize them into a 120×70 pixel sized box. This sounded like a headache, but what I did is stopped and asked google how to accomplish this task in photoshop. What I resulted with was the find of the evening. But the problem with […] Free Icons Goodness

Just found a relatively new site called, which features over 2500 icons to choose from and allows you to export them from their site in a variety of useful ways. Definitely bookmarkable. Enjoy.

Performance Artwork for kонармия

Performance Artwork for kонармия by Elephantik LLC. The poster is for a solo performance by an actor re-telling the life and short stories of the Russian author Isaac Babel. Feel free to read more about him here: and about his great saga which was based upon his own diary of the conflict between the […]

An interview With Freddie Laker About Guide

We Recently Interviewed Freddie Laker, the CEO and founder of Guide to get a better understanding about their new product Guide @ First I want to say congrats to you and your team for launching such a unique application. I took some time to review your demo, and read just a bit about your […]

MDfilms 3-Dimensional Motion Identity

One of our favorite clients in the past, MDfilms, just released their latest 3d motion ident for their business. In the past we created their brand identity from scratch, and to see them activate and use this brand and make it come to life is just awesome for us. I hope you enjoy their new […]

Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercial 2013

As much as I wanted to enjoy this one with all of its hype leading up to it I really honestly could not watch the ad without leaving to go get a beer. Did you enjoy this one? Definitely memorable. Best Interactive Grid Plugin for Adobe PS6

If your in the interactive design community like me and you do this type of work for a living you probably painstakingly create grids using one of the many or 981 golden rule grid websites out there if your using Adobe Photoshop. Well, there is a much easier way than posting a layer image […]

Jameson International Film Festival

More Good work from Ireland. Blinder, recently submitted this Film Festival campaign on behalf of the agency Boys & Girls. Both of these are pretty well done, but I’ll say that Cabin was the better of the two if I were to pick. Great work. “Heist” “Cabin” Advertiser: Jameson Agency: Boys and Girls Title: “Heist” […]

No Nonsense Car Insurance from Publicis Ireland

  Decent attention grabbing spots for a car insurance company from Ireland. I guess my favorite of the bunch would be ‘ready made’, but even so for a car insurance company you sure show a lot of car/general destruction. Albeit that will probably get the point across to a mass audience… sadly. Advertised brand: No […]

BBC – Children in Need from Blinder Commercials The video from Youtube is difficult to link to. Sorry for the lack of an embedded video. Once again a truly well done spot. I particularly loved the musicality in this one as well! On the youtube page they shared the spot’s soundtrack which I immediately downloaded from itunes! Well done and for a […]

Neil Degrassi A Visionary

“How Much Would You Pay… For the Universe” – Neil Degrassi You just have to watch this video and his series. This guy’s seriously one of my heroes. His Second Episode:

Energie Fitness Clubs by Publicis, Dublin Ireland

A new user submitted campaign from Dublin Ireland came in today for Energie Fitness Clubs. Someone might like ‘The Rock’ over there! Besides that these two new spots are amusing and catchy, albeit pure entertainment.  I think they hit on an international universal theme as well, Golds gym over here ran an ad not similar […]

Clean Energy Highways… Solar Powered Smart Roads in 2025

Wouldn’t it be lovely to wake up one day, lets say in a major city or in an urban area in America, and just smell clean pollutant-free air? I always took breathing fresh air for granted when I was a kid growing up in the suburbs near a forest, but after college and after working […]

Welcome To Gingerville by

Hey folks happy holidays to you all! I thought I’d share what a local development and design studio shared with me last week. It’s a game called “Welcome to Gingerville”. It’s as simple and mindless and addicting as they come by. And of course as a gamer I had a bit too much fun with […]

Maguire Family Crest

The History Behind The Maguire Family Crest As a labor of love I always enjoyed all things historical. So it came natural to me that eventually I’d get around to finding out more about my family history. One thing that always caught my eye about my family history was the family crest. How cool it […]

Tsaritsyno Poster & Desktop Wallpaper

Years ago we visited Tsaritznyo after its reconstruction in Moscow, Russia. It’s an  amazing palace, and I wish I had my camera that day to take photographs of the magical snowy fortress / party house that Catherine the Great decided to have built. Feel free to download the wallpaper or the poster by Elephantik LLC. […]