Imagekind Gallery Posters

Tsaritsyno Palace

A poster created by Joseph Maguire and inspired by Tsaritsyno Palace in Moscow, Russia.

Maguire Family Crest

I hand illustrated this Maguire Family Crest after researching the history of Fermanagh County and its connection to my family name. For those interested look up Hugh Maguire and the 9 years war (ireland ) in wikipedia.

Ewalk Series 03 Blue

This third image is of a mixture of real and unreal images. Originally created for a christmas ad with snow on the ground and falling I just mixed it all up and played heavily with it.

Happy Holidays from Boston

This snowflake is a representation of Boston with many famous Boston buildings incorporated into the vector illustration. I thought it was a cute idea for my xmas greeting cards this year and good enough that I thought it could be a poster for others. Let me know if you'd like it. If you want to buy the rights to it for a certain publication contact me I am willing to sell the rights of it.


This purple water color mixed medium piece shows a scene of a Bhuddist temple. I have two versions of this in different colors, I love color so if you want a specific color for this piece I can make that happen.

Runway 7

A fashion illustration experiment with typography.

Vibrant Ewalk

This colorful, water color manipulated image bleeds with stars and color.

Elise Summer 2007

This print is heavily influenced by retro 70s culture. If you like this style and are interested in more feel free to drop me a line!

I am Emerald Green

A poster Celebrating St. Patrick's Day. I created this in 2007, its a mixture of painting and vector artwork.

Musical Wings

This element was created as part of a larger musical series. Hope you like this piece.

MDFILMS, Post Production Studio rebranding

This is a poster dedicated to the rebranding of, it was created in the winter of 2006 and released 01.01.2007

Turn Tables On the Hudson in Boston 2006

I decided the other one was way too dark, so this purple rendition of the TOTH poster I did way back in 2006 is going to probably take its place. Hope you like it.


The original Toth poster created for a harbor boat concert for 2006.

The Stars Are Out 2008

I made this poster for someone I care about alot, and at the moment I sketched this poster idea while I was looking up vacation spots for some place warm. Sincerely, Joseph Maguire

AMEN 1982

Poster Design giving some props and a little prodding to the over use of avant garde and to todays generation of retro graphics.


This graphic poster was meant to capture Japan's rise in the technology industry in the 80s and 90s.