An interview With Freddie Laker About Guide

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Freddie Laker, Guide Founder & CEO

We Recently Interviewed Freddie Laker, the CEO and founder of Guide to get a better understanding about their new product Guide @

First I want to say congrats to you and your team for launching such a unique application. I took some time to review your demo, and read just a bit about your companies goals and your launch features. It’s exciting you’re looking to launch Guide as an ipad/tablet application, and a television experience. And it looks like the goals are to empower users to devour content from the web the way they want. And in a few of the pitch reels on the site, they talk about empowering people to go to the gym and listen to their favorite blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other news sites. That leads me to my first question…

Do you plan to launch Guide for smartphones as well?

Yes, but to do so we will be re-envisioning the user experience. Guide’s current design is focused on providing a TV-inspired experience, which is optimal for a large screen. Delivering Guide on a much smaller screen presents an opportunity to rethink the UX, which we are excited about doing.

Will it be bandwidth intensive? Is it feasible or practical that Guide can be used at the gym, or outdoors?

It is very feasible. In fact, Guide uses technologies that are in fact much less bandwidth-intensive than traditional video applications.

I really dig that your goals are to empower the users to devour content the way they want, do you also consider that this would be a very useful tool for the visually impaired as well?
I am glad you brought this up, as it was something we considered and even received some emails about it when we launched. We would love to see our technology aid as many people as possible.

As a follow up, Have you or your team thought of ways in which this application could be activated for visually impaired users?
We are actively thinking about this as we plan out future versions of the application. That said, we are laser focused on launching our public beta next month.

This may sound strange but the first thought that came to my mind when seeing video broadcasters speaking the news from blogs would be the comical factor that could come from this site. I mentally pictured Halo Spartan character speaking about making breakfast. Do you worry that novelty factor could deter from the full functionality and possibilities of Guide?
We actually want people to use Guide for as many different expressions of their mood and the human experience as possible. In some cases, yes, there will be a novelty factor. In others, if not most, there is a utility factor to Guide that people are really excited about.

In terms of the breadth and depth of options, our news anchor ecosystem will launch with about 20 anchors and grow to have dozens and eventually hundreds in future. Having more options gives our community choices; we will be in a constant state of learning and we are excited by early feedback. For example, in early testing, we have had a lot of interest in the android robot “Ani 3000”, so as a result, we plan to make available additional versions of the android (Guide does feel pretty futuristic, which is why we think Ani is so popular). We have also heard from testers that having a dog or cat read them the news after a tough day at work would surely put a smile on their face.

On that note so you think that this could be a big hit for people who are looking to have help with recipes and or instructions?  For some reason I Picture Spartan teaching me how to put that next bookshelf together from IKEA.
What a great idea! We definitely had thought of the recipe-reading option, but the IKEA instructions just took it to a whole new level. The possibilities for Guide are endless and we are excited to build, learn and grow in the months and years to come.

Overall when are you looking to launch Guide and will it be made as a plugin and activated on Smart TVS, Roku, Wii, PS3, xbox360 and or other devices? How will it work on your TV?
Guide will be in public beta in March ( 2013 ). Guide at its essence is a TV experience. Our user interface is designed to work with Smart TVs and the new generation of remote control devices that come with them.

At this time we’re not discussing our release strategy for devices outside of Google TV, browsers, and tablets (iOS/Android).

Do you see Guide being used to plug content directly into facebook as a video from blog content as well? How do you imagine it being used?

Guide will provide a valuable tool for extracting news that people share on Facebook and displaying it in the Guide experience across our compatible devices. It will help people who are passionate about online news to cut through the clutter of typical social interactions and only pull news links.

In the future users will be able to share Guide articles as videos within Facebook as well.

Stay Tuned Guide’s Launch is only weeks away found out more about Guide on their site and sign-up for their Beta Launch today.

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