Adobe CS6 Updates

Posted on April 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today I discovered this quick preview of the new Photoshop CS6 Content aware tool from PSDtuts. And I wanted to do some research to discover more about all of Adobe CS6 updates. First off if you have not seen the Photoshop update view the video below.

This is a preview of the major update to Photoshop CS6 with the Content Aware Tool by PSDtuts. If you would like to try out Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta You can still download the beta version today. Click here to download it from Adobe Labs.

After taking a look at this, it appears patching will be a much easier practice than before. Allowing the computer to do some of the hard work for making smart patches. Is this update alone worth the upgrade.. not in my opinion but… From what the folks at Adobe Say:

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen

“In our Digital Media business, recent research shows our customers are excited about our upcoming launch of Creative Suite and the Creative Cloud. Among creative professional customers and students, we found that over 40% of those surveyed are waiting for the new release to upgrade.

Our upcoming Creative Suite release will include major updates to all of the core CS products, including Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, InDesign, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. We have created significant anticipation for the release through a series of “sneak peeks” of great new features. One sneak video featured a break­through Photoshop innovation called Content-Aware Move, which has driven more than a million online views.

The upcoming CS release will also advance our HTML5 and mobile content creation and app development offerings, where we see strong interest to help our customers deal with the complexity they face.  All of this is on track for delivery late in Q2.”

But the second one is HTML5. On the HTML5 side, the innovation with brand new products like Edge and Muse, as well as mobile application development. PhoneGap is being downloaded, for example, at almost 1 million a year run rate, and we had the most number of unique visitors there. So as people are creating applications across multiple app stores, that’s continuing to gain traction. So we now have support for that, both as new services that we’ll introduce, as well as in Dreamweaver and our other applications.

On the Publishing side, we’ve continued to make InDesign a must-have to go with the Digital Publishing Suite so that enterprises can deal with multiple screens. As of Q1, approximately 600 publishers have delivered more than 1,500 applications for devices like the iPad, generating 16 million downloads of their apps. We expect this growth to continue, particularly with the Single Edition of Digital Publishing and the upcoming release of InDesign with its innovative Liquid Layout capabilities.

Video. In high-end video, we’re now the leader. And clearly, in the next release, there’s significant new innovation that’s happening in the video market.

And on Flash-HTML compatibility, we have millions of Flash developers who will be able to continue to innovate using Flash and easily convert to HTML5 using CreateJS capabilities.

So there are significant updates, they are creating three new products in addition to Dreamweaver called Edge, Muse, & Phonegap. All of these products will be dedicated towards creating HTML5 content either for the web, or for mobile apps. Additionally, Adobe CS6 will offer FLASH-HTML compatibility. And it appears they are  doing minimal updates to the publishing suite unless your creating content for mobile and ipad devices. And last but not least it appears if your a flash developer or front end designer it appears you might have no choice but to buy this software. So there it is it looks like the Adobe CS6 is going to have a fair amount of offerings in its new update, and I am sure more features will become known about as we get closer to their Q2 release date.