Wine Branding & Packaging

Art Direction, Branding Experiential, Packaging

Elephantik put together a wine branding presentation to engage working with vineyards and wineries. We originally created the brand identities for both labels, one for Bradshaw Vineyard that we created back in 2009 and the other a variation of our original identity we created for the Maguire Family Crest in 2012.  This presentation was truly a labor of love that we wanted for awhile to put together. As a small studio it is difficult sometimes to gain clients in industries you have no direct connections in. And like many designers, Elephantik is passionate about wine label design. A little known fact is that our company was even named over a fantastic bottle of Chianti!

Ultimately we realized we’d like nothing more than to work with more vineyards and wineries in the future on branding and packaging design assignments. So we put together this quick series of mock-ups to showcase what we could do for vineyards and wineries. If you are interested discover our whole process to branding here.  If interested in seeing more of what we could do get in touch with us today!


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