USHCC 2011 Bizfest Branding



Elephantik created the branding for a national tour for the USHCC

Elephantik was asked to create an event-driven marketing program named Bizfest by the United States Chamber of Hispanic Commerce. The program required a new brand to refresh and rejuvenate their marketing materials, with the goal of attracting young Hispanic entrepreneurs for their annual national competition event.


Elephantik created Bizfest’s brand with the mindset to convey youth, optimism and progress forward. Additionally, we created an event-driven marketing campaign that directly targeted teens for their national competition event. We were effectively able to complete this program by optimizing our use of BaseCamp & Fuzemeetings to meet the clients’ every day challenges that go along with creating a full-blown marketing campaign.


We created marketing materials, including 20+ page Saddle Stitched Agendas, Posters, Banners, Brochures, Flyers, and a Brand Identity.

“Thanks to all for taking the lead on this project! It’s so great to have a team I can trust and rely on. Everything looks great!” (via basecamp to Elephantik & Michael Barclay) – Jennifer Tarazon from the USHCC, regarding the Bizfest 2012 Project.