TimePayment.com Responsive Website Design



Agency: The Atom Group
Role: Art Director, User Interface

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TimePayment.com, a client of The Atom Group (TAG), looked to overhaul their website’s look and feel with a brand new website that would be responsive.


Elephantik offered its art direction and provided a responsive website design. Elephantik did this by going through the process of researching the companies core sales processes and researching best ways to showcase the companies service offerings. Ultimately we arrived at showing off the potential items that TimePayment could enable business owners into activating. We used that and a solid Green user interface system that kept an upbeat modern approach to showcasing their capabilities. The process for this consisted of creating 3 unique home page prototypes of which one direction was chosen and ultimately Elephantik executed that direction and a secondary page. Upon completion of this we additionally, provided a library of icon treatments for Timepayment.com.