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The Blue Glass Cafe & Guckenheimer approached us in the fall of 2011 through the Wessling Group, an agency based in San Francisco, CA. We were asked to put together a proposal for a wide variety of creative items for the restaurant that would overall increase foot traffic for the upcoming year.


Elephantik working alongside The Wessling Group discovered an appropriate strategy that included: creating interior menu signage design ( to increase the prominence of the Blue Glass Branding inside the restaurant near the Starbucks coffee bar stand ), poster design ( to increase the awareness of where all of the purveyors and food comes from for the cafe ), create a social media presence for Facebook ( to inform and create awareness of all of the cafe’s activities ), create an exterior A-Frame Design ( to increase foot traffic to the side entrance of the cafe), to create mezzanine word cloud graphics ( to communicate to the general audience the cafe’s commitment to eating well ), and lastly to create several collateral print devices and to help with on going marketing needs.


Since launching the A-Frame we’ve witnessed foot traffic along the side entrance, and as installation of the many interior items increase we will report our findings. We’ve also seen positive results from our interior poster creative and watched the growth of their facebook fan page grow from 59 fans at the start to 200+ fans  over the course of the design assignment. Additionally, the installation of the cafe menu has gone successfully and has replaced the previous cafe coffee bar menu. Now we’re executing marketing graphics for their on-going print media and social media creative needs including table tent graphics,  poster campaigns, and updating their facebook presence with new “timeline banners” to best represent their new deals and offerings.