100 Year Timeline & History Section

Interactive, User Experience


Agency: The Atom Group
Role: Art Direction, User Experience
Team: JR Winder
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Pierce Manufacturing, a client of The Atom Group (TAG), wanted to publicly announce their 100th anniversary on January 1st, 2013. To do this, they wanted a publicity campaign that included overhauling the existing History section of their website.


Elephantik offered its art direction and interactive design services while working directly with the TAG information architecture and development teams to create a timeline and an updated History section that best showcased Pierce Manufacturing’s 100 years in business. We did this while keeping in mind the challenge of creating web-friendly content for the desktop, iPad, and mobile devices. The most unique aspect of this project was being able to research and explore the rich history that Pierce Manufacturing has within the fire truck automotive industry, and to apply that new found knowledge to their History section. The logic behind the timeline’s background being a brick wall was to create an atmosphere similar to that of a fire department’s own wall of photography and historical memorabilia.


After  working for TAG, Elephantik was proud to see the immediate impact that the project had for Pierce Manufacturing through their social media presence. When Pierce announced their 100th anniversary and the new History section at facebook.com/Pierce, the post had over 950+ Likes, 180+ shares, and 30+ comments.