– Healthcare Jobs Websites



Agency: Elephantik
Role: Art Director, User Interface, Development

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A nationwide provider of workforce solutions, came to Elephantik with a request for creating a series of job boards websites for the healthcare industry. They wanted to make sure these websites would be responsive, and be powerful enough to reach a wide variety of healthcare workers. They had a few existing domains that they were going to re-do.


Elephantik offered its art direction to provide responsive website designs as well as creating unique brand identity designs for several healthcare job boards. The task required substantial development work because it required a custom interface for each job board. We worked in partnership with Bōwst a development firm located in Portsmouth, NH to create the initial development files using a highly edited version of bootstrap. Upon receiving these files I provided front end edits to the css/html for 4 variations of those files for 4 different job board sites. So far they have successfully launched two of these jobs board website and are in the process of completing the remaining two.