McIntosh Labs Brand Audit & Brand Style Guide



In the Spring of 2012, McIntosh Labs Inc. contacted Elephantik to create a consistent brand messaging system and overall aid them in understanding their current branding challenges that they faced.


Elephantik provided 3 electronic PDF documents: We provided McIntosh Labs a Brand Audit that guided their company through understanding their own branding challenges, A Competitor Brand Analysis that educated them on the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors branding campaigns, and finally we provided a simplified approach to handling their future branding challenges in a new Brand Style Guide.


The overall result immediately helped provide instant social media opportunities that McIntosh Labs could over come in terms of brand consistency and messaging systems.  Elephantik also cited several key opportune areas where McIntosh could gain new audiences by being proactive in their various marketing strategies. The overall impact of this study made the key players in the marketing team to ask which actions to take first in a long line of suggestions. So far they have started on those suggestions by creating social media brand consistency, and integrating their youtube content into their current website two of the key points we suggested.

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