Ashcroft Law Firm Branding




Art Direction, Brand Identity Design, Typeface Design


Ashcroft Law Firm had a unique branding challenge. They required a new brand identity for their parent group and for their separate law Firms.


As a sub-contractor of, Joseph Maguire of Elephantik, provided a brand identity and an original typeface for Ashcroft Law Group, Ashcroft Sullivan Ratfcliffe, Ashcroft Sullivan, and Ashcroft Hanaway. The reason Elephantik provided an original type face was to create a typographic unison and uniqueness for all of the longer brand identity names and the parent brand name. Later the group selected just two names Ashcroft Group, and Ashcroft Lawfirm using the same typeface that was created for the original branding project assignment.


We created an integrated law firm branding system, and typographic family in Late 2008.