Heineken Point of Sale Advertising

Advertising, Branding, Email Campaign, Illustration


To create a point of sale for an upcoming hip hop and r&b sponsored tour. And there is one poster from the Heineken Grillin & Chilln Point of Sales series.


As an employee of Amp Agency, I ( Joseph Maguire ) created various point of sale advertising designs and posters for Heinken in 2008. One of which was the visual inspiration for an entire R&B series and my illustrations were used in a wide variety of marketing collateral, onsite experiential event signage, and on interactive materials. The illustration was first used in the point of sale poster ( which was intended for liquor stores ), and later used as an art-direction for the entire tour on-site and and for promotion of the tour.


Created a series of illustrations, a series of posters for point sale creative, and a set of designs for the 2007-2008 concerts promotion, email marketing and more.