Green Builds Business Identity

Branding, Experiential, Illustration


Elephantik was asked to create an event-driven awareness program named Green Builds Business by the United States Chamber of Hispanic Commerce. The program required a new brand to communicate to business leaders and business owners about the benefits of developing green oriented practices that, if implemented, could lower operating costs, increase revenues, motivate workers, and give back to the health of the people and planet.


Elephantik created the Green Builds Business brand identity with the mindset of conveying growth, community, and forward thinking. The event-driven campaign reached out to businesses in a nationwide program. In each city participants visited, they participated in workshops at 20 carefully selected small businesses. Elephantik designed creative to cater to these events and, in some cases, built specific creative for individual cities, such as backdrops of the cities in vector form. We were effectively able to complete this program by optimizing our use of Basecamp & Fuzemeetings to meet the clients’ everyday challenges, which typically go along with creating a marketing awareness program.


We created marketing materials, including individual flyers for each city, a brand, a banner for the overall event, collateral, and branded items, such as branded bags, pens, electronic key-chain hard drives, and more.