EQUINOX Banner Campaigns & Creative



Agency: The Atom Group
Creative Direction: Tharon Cottrell
Art Direction/Design: Joseph Maguire
Flash Development: Man Mai

Animation Preview


Click To View The Animated Flash Experience


As a creative lead contractor for The Atom Group last fall, I was tasked with creating a set of campaign imagery that would push two different Equinox banner campaigns: Pushing traffic to their blog that showcased one of their Chefs in video content showcasing recipes, and the other task was to create an animated flash advertisement to generate traffic to becoming a member ( along with a static version as well ).


For the first task I showcased imagery of both the food and the chefs themselves to create two separate experiences to be the star. Ultimately the food won and stole the show, and I incorporated the wood paneling and texture underneath of a montage I created from the client provided video content itself. In the second execution I used the O in Equinox as a creative device to count down and spin and center on the content and into the brand identity itself.


The final result was placed in a Men’s online e-zine, and the second task was placed in more region based websites.