AristoVia – Find Your Way



In mid 2011 we were approached by a start-up company interested in marketing to American students studying abroad. They were interested in launching a concierge service company for well-to-do students who were new to abroad cities to assist them to find the best way to do things while they were there.


Elephantik offered its services in helping name this new concierge company. We assisted the clients to choose the name AristoVia with the tagline “Find Your Way.” We came up with this name by combining the greek root Aristo meaning Best with the latin/italian root word via meaning “Way, or Path.” We helped write the tagline Find Your Way to empower Americans abroad.


Initially Elephantik was planning on developing an iPhone friendly application for the initial launch city which was London. Ultimately the company did not launch due to internal reasons and we created the Brand Style Guidelines, brand identity, presentation materials, and collateral for this start-up.