Apartment Connect Interactive Start-up

Branding, Interactive, User Experience






Brand Identity,
UX Architecture,
Art Direction


To create a new brand and website for a NYC Real-estate company looking to connect renters/buyers to brokers in the NYC Real-estate Market.


We helped name, develop the brand identity specifically for the metro renter, create the brand collateral and than worked to research their potential audiences. From this provided knowledge of whom their target audiences were, and that our target audience’s goal would be to find the best place possible without having to rely on just one agent. We then worked with the client directly to create a unique site architecture. Upon completion of the UX in Omnigraffle, we than created 25 unique pages for this website in PSD form for our client. We ultimately, assisted in launching a sub-research website prior to launch using wufoo forms to help generate some user feedback and assist in both strategy and promotion of the new brand. Ultimately the project did not launch after the design phase was completed.


Branding, Brand identity design, User Role Research, Interactive Strategy, Interactive Architecture, Design.